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LED High Bay Light

LED high bay light YJ-HBA255C-(100-240W)

Model NO.:YJ-HBA240C-(100-240W)
LED high bay light is applicable to the workshop, plant, warehouse, highway toll stations, gas stations, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasium and other places need to lighting.

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  • Feature
    Product model:YJ-HBA255C-(100-240W)
    Input voltage:100-305V AC,50/60HZ
    LED lamp:CREE
    CCT:White, Warm White
    LED driver:Meanwell
    Radiator: AL6063
    Beam angle:60°,110°
    IP rating:IP55
    Warranty:6 Years
    Product type Input power Luminous flux Radiator size Nstallation  height Irradiation range
    YJ-HBA255C-100W 100W 11000-12000LM Φ255*60mm 10-12m 36~64m²
    YJ-HBA255C-120W 120W 13000-14000LM Φ255*80mm 10-14m 36~64m²
    YJ-HBA255C-150W 150W 16500-17500LM  Φ255*100mm 12-16m 48~80m²
    YJ-HBA255C-180W 180W 20000-21000LM  Φ255*120mm 15-18m 48~80m²
    YJ-HBA255C-210W 210W 23000-24000LM  Φ255*150mm 15-20m 80~120m²
    YJ-HBA255C-240W 240W 26000-28000LM  Φ255*180mm 18-25m 80~120m²
    Application areas:
      Applicable to the workshop, plant, warehouse, highway toll stations, gas stations, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasium and other places need to lighting.
    Product Features:
    1. Drive the cover: the cover is made of Seiko aviation aluminum, after anodizing, corrosion resistance, durable color.
    2. Radiator: the use of louver fan design, thick version of the heat sink, is conducive to air convection, to maximize the cooling function to protect the drive power and chip life.
    3. Light source: the use of the latest imported original patch, high brightness, low heat, the chip light color pure, high color rendering index, low light, the provincial energy saving without flicker.
    4. PC cover: high light transmission PC material cover, high transmittance, no dark area, astigmatism ability, long life, soft eye protection.
    5. Reflector: high-quality aviation aluminum lampshade, after anodized, anti-corrosion, smooth and bright back, positive after frosted treatment, so that the reflected light more uniform.
    Use and install:

    1. Place the rings in the hooks and place them flat.
    2. When installing the lamp, the wiring and wiring seal is good, to prevent leakage.
    3. External power cord, you must take the appropriate waterproof, water leakage measures.
    4. Check the connection, confirm correct, turn on the power, the lamp can work properly. And the ground will be connected.
    5. Replace the power supply, you can directly use the screwdriver to open the back cover, remove the power, AC power three-wire wiring in accordance with the red corresponding power on the "L", blue corresponding to the power supply "N", yellow or yellow corresponding " , DC power line red line or white line corresponding to the power of the black line corresponds to the negative power supply, pay attention to the positive and negative do not reverse.


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