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LED Flood Light

LED Flood light YJ-FSD810S-(20-300W)

Model NO.:YJ-FSD810S-(20-300W)

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    Product model: YJ-FSD810S-(20W-300W)
    Power: 20W-300W
    Input voltage: 100-305VAC  50/60Hz;
    LED spec.:  Phillips   SMD3030 130Lm/W;
    Color temperature: warm white 3000K; White 4000K;  Day white 5000K; Cold white 6500K
    Driver: Built in Meanwell  Driver; 
     Power efficiency: >90%; 
    Beam angle: 120 degree;
    Lifespan: 50,000 hours
    IP rating: IP65 waterproof;
    CE RoHS, 5 years
    LED floodlights package:  1pc/carton

    Product type Input power Luminous flux Radiator size
    YJ-FSD810S-20W 20W 1800-2200LM 133*165*35mm
    YJ-FSD810S-30W 30W 3000-3300LM 163*200*45mm
    YJ-FSD810S-50W 50W 5500-6000LM 207*245*50mm
    YJ-FSD810S-100W 100W 11000-12000LM 246*300*60mm
    YJ-FSD810S-150W 150W 16500-18000LM 300*370*70mm
    YJ-FSD810S-200W 200W 22000-24000LM 370*450*80mm
    YJ-FSF876S-300W 300W 33000-36000LM 445*550*105mm

    Application areas:
     Widely used in shopping malls, exhibition halls, car parks, sports grounds, gymnasiums, billboards, parks, sculptures, green lighting projects, building facades and public corridors, stairway aisle indoor and outdoor lighting.
    Product Features:
    1. Light body: the use of high-quality aviation aluminum die-casting made of the surface after polishing, anodizing technology, super anti-corrosion cracking capacity, extraordinary texture, never change color, durable.
    2. Heat: Vitex's air convection principle design Multi-piece thickening heat dissipation, better thermal conductivity, better heat dissipation, good protection of the light source life.
    3. Import chip: the latest imported high lumen chip, bold double gold line design, increase the amount of current, so that more bright, more stable life longer life.
    4. Tempered glass: transparent steel explosion-proof glass, high strength, non-friable, uniform light transmittance, with the lamp body fit tight, the whole light waterproof IP65.
    5. Rotatable stable bracket: light design, easy to install operation, both sides of the activities of fixed screws, easy to adjust the angle and storage space when the province.
    6. Three-layer waterproof measures: outlet with professional waterproof connector and silicone ring sealing process, waterproof layer of a layer of protection, no dead angle waterproof protective layer, metal frame cover three layers of protection, wind and rain are not afraid.
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