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LED Street Light

LED street light YJ-STD652P-(60-240W)

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    Product model: YJ-STD652P-(60-180W)
    Body Material: Die casting aluminium +toughened glass
    Input Voltage:AC100-270V  50-60Hz
    LED chip:Bridgelux
    CCT:White, Warm White
    LED driver:Mean well
    Beam angle:110°
    IP rating:IP65
    Warranty:3  Years
    Anti-lightning:  4KV、8KV、10KV
    Product type Input power Luminous flux Radiator size
    YJ-STD652P-60W 60W 6300-7200LM 550*250*100mm
    YJ-STD652P-90W 90W 9000-10000LM 550*250*100mm
    YJ-STD652P-120W 120W 12600-14400LM 715*305*180mm
    YJ-STD652P-150W 150W 15700-18000LM 715*305*180mm
    YJ-STD652P-180W 180W 18900-21600LM 810*355*180mm
    YJ-STD652P-240W 240W 25200-28800LM 810*355*180mm
    Application areas:
      Widely used in trunk roads, highways, high-speed service area, urban streets, flyover, outdoor plaza, school outdoor, residential roads, industrial areas roads, parks, factories and other places need outdoor lighting.
    Product Features:
    1. Light body: die-casting aluminum alloy die-casting made of the surface after polishing, anodizing technology, super anti-corrosion cracking capacity, extraordinary texture, never change color, durable.
    2. Super heat: the use of integrated technology, bar-slot design, increased in the air contact area, improve air convection, so that the rapid cooling of the lamp, a good protection drive and light source life.
    3. Import chip: the latest imported high lumen chip, bold double gold line design, increase the amount of current, so that more bright, more stable life longer life.
    4. Tempered glass: highly tempered glass mask, the use of optical design and manufacturing, after a special treatment without spots without flowers, high transmittance, with explosion-proof, waterproof, wear-resistant, protective chip.
    5. Unique appearance: simple and neat lines, beautiful appearance, green, energy saving, environmental protection.


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